Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer. Easy Use Shaker (2 oz)



Brand: Joyful Dirt


  • ORGANIC Indoor Plant Food and Garden Fertilizer. Compact and easy to store and use as often as every watering.
  • EASY Application-Just shake Joyful Dirt onto soil and water in or mix directly in watering can
  • SAFE for Pets and Kids.
  • GROWS Healthier, Larger Plants. Our proprietary plant food mixture will quickly show results. Whether reviving sick plants or increasing foliage, Joyful Dirt will get directly to the roots and give your plants what they need.
  • CONTAINS Mycorrhizae and Other Nutrients to Help Plants Resist Disease and Use Less Water

Package Dimensions: 43x104x68

Details: Indoor Plant Food and Garden Fertilizer. Joyful Dirt will make growing plants and gardens fun and easy for anyone. Applying Joyful Dirt to both indoor house plants and gardens is simple. Just shake an 1/8 of a teaspoon around the base of the plant and water in or shake a teaspoon of Joyful Dirt into your watering can before adding water, pour around the base of plants as normal. Most house plants need one application every three months, but feel free to use more often to help revive indoor plants. To use as gardening fertilizer, shake Joyful Dirt lightly over starts (indoors or outdoors) and water in. Then add to watering can monthly. Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food will grow healthier, fuller, larger plants and blooms. Your indoor plants, outdoor plants and gardens will require less water to thrive. Joyful Dirt will work wonders in your garden as a vegetable fertilizer, allowing your vegetable harvest to be larger and healthier.