Effective Tips on How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

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Do you love live indoor plants but find that the process of keeping them alive stresses you out? I know you envy your neighbors, friends, and relatives who have managed to take care of their plants while you are struggling to keep yours alive.

Keeping indoors plants alive is a learned skill and there are no reasons why you can’t learn to do it. With time, practice, and the tips below, anyone can take care of their live indoor plants.

Know Your Plant

Most people don’t know the different types of indoor plants and this makes it hard for them to take care of these plants. You can browse through the internet for information or you can get plants from gardening sites like GreatIndoorPlants.com. At GreatIndoorPlants.com, you will find plants labeled with tags containing their name and the requirements for sunlight and watering.

Choose The Correct Pot

While it is easiest to leave the plant in the paper or basket you got it in, this isn’t always the best way to keep your plant alive. Drainage is extremely important for your plant and therefore you need to get a pot with holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain out of the soil. Also, the correct pot will have enough space for the plant to grow in that the roots will have enough room to stretch out.

Use Good Soil

Be it eucalyptus indoor plants or any other indoor plants, scooping some dirt out of your yard isn’t enough.  When planting indoors, it is wise to think about the type of potting soil you’re going to use. Depending on the type of plant you’re working with, you’re able to find perfect potting soils that are created with just the right nutrients for these types of plants.


Overwatering is one of the common reasons why live indoor plants don’t thrive. It is important to note that most plants do well when you let the soil dry out a bit between watering. To know if it’s the right time to water your plant, all you have to do is put your finger an inch into the soil, and if it’s dry then you can water your plant.

Enough Lighting and Correct Positioning

When buying an indoor plant from reputable sites like GreatIndoorPlants.com, pay attention to its light requirement on the tag. One of the other reasons why indoor plants don’t thrive is because they are not provided with the right type of light. If your plant isn’t getting enough light, its leaves will turn yellow and fall off or new shoots grow to reach towards the light.